Sunday, 29 March 2009

Few updates of many, have to get the rest organized first....

i grew myself a proxy forrest smile.gif if there ever was a miracle, MR proxy certainly is just that. forget walking on water, forget feeding the 5000 (unless it was with MR Proxy high poly fish)

obviously not finished just yet, need to play around with some textures, some better lights, some more grass here and there etc.... - rendered in 2 minutes flat top quality, and theres another half of the forrest behind the camera after that, mahhhooosssive stretch of running space

and a dagger for the love scene. sorry about the kack lighting i just dragged it into my watch scene and changed the colours, and it didnt like the reflection on the blade much. i decided to go abit greecian/romanesque for the dagger. seemed to fit the whole scene genre a little more.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Rigging, hair and lighting

Lighting setup and hair. rigging in process. on schedual so far but its going to be tight!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Character updates/lighting test

Character update: Face = final
happy with the design, i cant afford any more time tweaking his face. also sculpted a waistcoat, going back to the origional few designs. works much better for me as a character. still working om the shader.

Lighting Test: First scene. spoke to Martin today, quite happy with the feedback. all seems ok, only improvement is to put a slight highlight - very faint, on the bannister just to bring it out more. image has NOT been fusioned so hopefully when its all comped together it will look so much better after. quite pleased so far though - time to render the passes....

Thursday, 19 March 2009

anyways after having the weekend off to spend some time with the mrs ive been powering through yesturday and today and been churning out some little dodads for my film. updates so far:

we have... arrows, bout 100 polys each. i can max my pc out at about 1.3million, and i dont need THAT many so all is alright for that. shader is just quick but what id like it to look like-ish

a shiney sword, just on doing the map for the cross guard

and a bearded character. not too sure about the beard though, its going to stay until i can see it with the hair and if it doesnt impres me il shave it off.

done with hair and fur, not too bad from a far, really obvious from extreme close up...

also, tattoos anyone? i got the inspiration from constantine - keanu reeves, not the biblical figure. i felt the character itself needed something to add interest and a little mystacism, even more so.

quick clouds test using afterburn. i wont take credit for this il admit i used a tutorial file and just played around with the settings, but just an idea as to how id like the roof of my war scene

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Colour and a Rose

Right.... time for some hair

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

woman final sculpt. im pretty happy with it, i dont want to keep going over this piece until its perfect model, i might be able to hide whatever is wrong with lighting. all in all im pretty happy with it so far. had some feedback from neil today about it and ive fixed some issues such as the fingers looking tense and the head being abit far forward (you were right guys)

i wanted the cloth to be very renaissance, not so much photorealistic but to have a sense of venus to it, as if its fraily just being draped around her, only just covering her, very suggestive and wavey. at the time the origional painting i did was based around the idea of the perfect beauty, highly inspired by greats such as Bernini, Bottichelli, Guido Reni and Angres, and such modern artists as Mary Jane Ansel

all in all... im rather happy with this piece

stranger shader i decided to use for the render, i went on a matcap download frenzy.... either way - enjoy....

Monday, 9 March 2009

Texturing Female Character

texturing going well. had to model the whole thing again in zbrush because of my stupidity exporting out of max *Swearing frantically* but none the less ive caught up and got abit further with woman mkII

ignore the textured eye for now that will be a seperate entity eventually. its strange seing my 5ft 3 girlfriend stretched over what would be a 25 ish year old 6ft leggy model

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Woman Character for love scene

started on this character today. . i built the mesh in that pose because there is not alot of animation other than the neck and head, no flailing arms so i figured i would be able to get more detail in the sculpt rather than make a rig that would never get used..... total work time SO FAR 15 hours.

got the basic idea and shape down following an amazing tutorial i will try and find the link again for and post up

the whole imagery of this piece is based on a painting i did for ND as seen below.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Faust Alpha from mark ranson on Vimeo.

alpha. film starting to come together now more and more.... have a much clearer understanding of what the camera should be doing and how i am going to do the effects. animation and lighting is at a bare minimal at this stage

Monday, 2 March 2009

Pre Alpha

Pre Alpha video. terrible animation and block characters but timing is better... alpha soon to come!!

Pre Alpha from mark ranson on Vimeo.


Animatic for film. Animatic timing is way off, roughly about 40 seconds longer than actual film but a nice art piece in general i feel. music is fully liscenced to use, special thanks to globus

Animatic Full from mark ranson on Vimeo.

General info

basically, i am obsessed with how and why the world, universe and everything in a whole.. .works! i am very philosophical, and i used to be highly religious, and believe me when ive done my homework on this. so in a way this film is about my passion and almost like a self reflected project. or so it could be seen that way, which is fine by me...

in a nutshell, my film has 1 main character, who at the moment doesnt have a name (doesnt really need one). all you as an audience needs to know that he is forever troubled by the questions of "what if" and "how" and "why", it is his passion and it drives him as a human to question everything. almost like a new-age faust just after he makes a pact with the devil for knowledge, and hes slightly regretting it...

There is absolutly no dialogue from the character, everything is pushed along by "a narrator" who is essentially his thoughts, speaking as he acts out whats on screen, driving the visual.

we join the character in his study, awake late in the hours of the morning, reading books and studying scrolls by candle light (rembrandt painting of the philosopher springs to mind at the moment), accompanied by the narration. and the idea is that we almost enter his thoughts. he snubs out the candles and it turns pitch black. at this point, we enter his mind. this takes over roughly 9 different scenes, maybe more or less depending on time deadlines. each of these scenes are going to be visual representations of what is in question. for example, i can question science over religion, time, love, war, mans ability to create (art), the fact man is still an animal, nature, good and evil, what it is that makes us human etc.... sooo many more i wish i could do

"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"
By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe...


Werewolf so far, coming along ok. fur isnt too bad, i didnt want to spend too much time on the details when the wolf itself is going to be very black and contrasting against the background, also fast moving

nature scene

Nature scene on its way, playing around with the grass and foliage. textures and models not complete yet 100% but a good representation of what it might look like

Back Track of work, watch for scene 1:

Sunday, 1 March 2009

character development

character design and development

Old Design of study

New Design for Study

more back logging...

Environment Concepts: