Tuesday, 10 March 2009

woman final sculpt. im pretty happy with it, i dont want to keep going over this piece until its perfect model, i might be able to hide whatever is wrong with lighting. all in all im pretty happy with it so far. had some feedback from neil today about it and ive fixed some issues such as the fingers looking tense and the head being abit far forward (you were right guys)

i wanted the cloth to be very renaissance, not so much photorealistic but to have a sense of venus to it, as if its fraily just being draped around her, only just covering her, very suggestive and wavey. at the time the origional painting i did was based around the idea of the perfect beauty, highly inspired by greats such as Bernini, Bottichelli, Guido Reni and Angres, and such modern artists as Mary Jane Ansel

all in all... im rather happy with this piece

stranger shader i decided to use for the render, i went on a matcap download frenzy.... either way - enjoy....

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