Thursday, 19 March 2009

anyways after having the weekend off to spend some time with the mrs ive been powering through yesturday and today and been churning out some little dodads for my film. updates so far:

we have... arrows, bout 100 polys each. i can max my pc out at about 1.3million, and i dont need THAT many so all is alright for that. shader is just quick but what id like it to look like-ish

a shiney sword, just on doing the map for the cross guard

and a bearded character. not too sure about the beard though, its going to stay until i can see it with the hair and if it doesnt impres me il shave it off.

done with hair and fur, not too bad from a far, really obvious from extreme close up...

also, tattoos anyone? i got the inspiration from constantine - keanu reeves, not the biblical figure. i felt the character itself needed something to add interest and a little mystacism, even more so.

quick clouds test using afterburn. i wont take credit for this il admit i used a tutorial file and just played around with the settings, but just an idea as to how id like the roof of my war scene

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