Sunday, 29 March 2009

Few updates of many, have to get the rest organized first....

i grew myself a proxy forrest smile.gif if there ever was a miracle, MR proxy certainly is just that. forget walking on water, forget feeding the 5000 (unless it was with MR Proxy high poly fish)

obviously not finished just yet, need to play around with some textures, some better lights, some more grass here and there etc.... - rendered in 2 minutes flat top quality, and theres another half of the forrest behind the camera after that, mahhhooosssive stretch of running space

and a dagger for the love scene. sorry about the kack lighting i just dragged it into my watch scene and changed the colours, and it didnt like the reflection on the blade much. i decided to go abit greecian/romanesque for the dagger. seemed to fit the whole scene genre a little more.

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