Monday, 2 March 2009

General info

basically, i am obsessed with how and why the world, universe and everything in a whole.. .works! i am very philosophical, and i used to be highly religious, and believe me when ive done my homework on this. so in a way this film is about my passion and almost like a self reflected project. or so it could be seen that way, which is fine by me...

in a nutshell, my film has 1 main character, who at the moment doesnt have a name (doesnt really need one). all you as an audience needs to know that he is forever troubled by the questions of "what if" and "how" and "why", it is his passion and it drives him as a human to question everything. almost like a new-age faust just after he makes a pact with the devil for knowledge, and hes slightly regretting it...

There is absolutly no dialogue from the character, everything is pushed along by "a narrator" who is essentially his thoughts, speaking as he acts out whats on screen, driving the visual.

we join the character in his study, awake late in the hours of the morning, reading books and studying scrolls by candle light (rembrandt painting of the philosopher springs to mind at the moment), accompanied by the narration. and the idea is that we almost enter his thoughts. he snubs out the candles and it turns pitch black. at this point, we enter his mind. this takes over roughly 9 different scenes, maybe more or less depending on time deadlines. each of these scenes are going to be visual representations of what is in question. for example, i can question science over religion, time, love, war, mans ability to create (art), the fact man is still an animal, nature, good and evil, what it is that makes us human etc.... sooo many more i wish i could do

"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici"
By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe...

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